Practice Areas

Our attorneys work hard to provide quality service to current and prospective clients in the following areas of law.

Family Law

We are passionate about helping families through the difficult transitions related to separation and co-parenting. Not all attorneys relish in helping clients work through this emotional anxiety ridden life transition. We are on an obsessive mission to inform our clients and respond to their questions at every possible occasion. We look for an amicable solution that allows our clients to move on with their lives in a meaningful way.

Criminal Defence

When you get charged with an offence, it’s hard not to focus on the negatives. There is no question that a criminal record can have a significant and lasting negative impact on one’s life. With us helping you through this difficult time, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything in our power to protect your rights and promote your best interests. Criminal law is often a high stakes, highly technical arena which requires legal expertise and tenacity. Where your liberty is at stake, do not leave it to chance. Give us a call.

General Litigation

We focus on providing high quality legal work for reasonable fees; you aren’t “on the clock” unless our lawyers are advancing your file. At Quinn Legal we strive to provide you with estimates on cost up front. We take this pragmatic approach because it results in higher client satisfaction and fosters stronger relationships with both institutional clients as well as with individuals and families. Trust is at the heart of any relationship, whether it be professional or otherwise

Appellate Practice

Our appellate litigators have the skills and experience required to attack and defend decisions at all levels of court and by governmental decision makers. Our exceptional written and oral advocacy skills, buttressed by a strong evidentiary understanding, and careful research ensure that your appeal will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.